Useful production tools for graduation ceremonies, teaching live and a classroom lecture

Changing the way they learn by innovating the way you teach using MediaNetAV.

Extraordinary classroom presentations.

MediaNet AV helps you utilize PowerPoint presentations as well as images and videos that adds dimension to all lectures and class. It is very important that the lessons are well presented because it affects the learning process of each and every student. 

It also helps you have better outcome in terms of how and what they’ve learned. 

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Education 2

Live stream straight from your classroom.

If you are offering off-campus learning, it is very essential for classes to be streamed. MediaNetAV allows your students to see your lectures and classes live everywhere through streaming.

Recorded Lectures

Renting an equipment with MediaNetAV allows your school to record lectures and help students review what has been discussed. It also helps them develop their ability to retain information better.  

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Education 4

Learning LIVE!

One way of introducing your students to video production and broadcasting is allowing them to produce their very own school show or reporting.

Change the way you think about video production!