The History Behind Our Live Stream Video Production Company


e recognized that there was a need for corporations & churches to have a system that brings audio, video & lighting together easily.

MediaNet AV was established in 2010 by Zac Novak who had been using Live Streaming at his church since 2006. The streaming world was incorporated into the MediaNet model and quickly became the core business..

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Zac N 2

Who dis Zac Novak?

Zac loves all things Audio, Video and Lighting. But most importantly, he loves connecting and interacting with people. He’s always been told he is ver relational, a good listener and can give straight up advise when needed.

With over 15 years of production background, he strives to build relationships in his industry and become a voice for all things AVL. He’s growing his business, MediaNet AV and taking the nation by storm while connection with people and building relationships.