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We exist to serve churches, schools, and corporations with full service solutions of professional audio, video, lighting, streaming design and implementation. Serving Ohio since 2010, we strive to support our customers with high quality products for live production and broadcasting services. Our main focus is building relationships with the local church to help ensure their technology for worship is designed for ease of use and not a distraction during a worship service.

MediaNet AV’s staff offers top notch training and support, understands the church culture, and has the mindset to do more with less. We are deeply committed to making sure our clients’ needs are met, ensuring that they can conduct their activities seamlessly, without worrying about the technological aspects of their operations. Our dedication is reflected in the long-lasting relationships we’ve built and the positive impact we’ve had within the communities we serve.

Core Values of MediaNet AV:


We strive for mastery in our field, continuously honing our skills and expertise to deliver exceptional customer relations.


We uphold the highest standards of ethics, integrity, and professionalism in all our interactions and business practices.


We are dedicated to our customers, focusing on their needs and providing efficient, compassionate service.


We foster a culture of innovation, embracing new technologies and ideas to deliver cutting-edge solutions to our customers.


We take responsibility for our actions and commitments, ensuring reliable and trustworthy service at all times.


We nurture a collaborative environment, encouraging teamwork, personal growth, and unbridled fun.


We strive for excellence in everything we do, aiming to exceed customer expectations and deliver exceptional results.


We believe in the power of teamwork, collaborating closely to achieve the best outcomes for our customers and the company.


We are adaptable to change, continuously learning and evolving to stay ahead in the industry.


We are driven by the value we bring to our customers, focusing on their satisfaction and long-term success.

The Team

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Zac Novak-MediaNet
Zac Novak
Owner & CEO
Zac started MediaNet AV in 2010 out of the need to support churches with their Audio, Video, Lighting & LiveStreaming. Since then, he has widened his vision for other industries while supporting all customers with the same values. Now, years later he has been blessed with a strong team who supports the company’s core value of “Achieving Visions Through Technology”.
Alex Earnhardt-MediaNet
Alex Earnhardt
Installation & Operations Director
Alex has been an audio professional for over a decade and has been working for MediaNet AV bringing excellence to installation with his perfectionist mindset while serving our customers.
Devin Installation technician
Devin Harp
Lead Installer & Support Manager
Devin has been huge asset to the team. With his growing knowledge of Q-SYS control, detailed schematic drawings and understanding of system design and installation – he serves our customers well!
Heather McKinnis
Business Development Director
Bringing expertise in small business management and communications, Heather plays a vital role in supporting Zac at MediaNet AV, enhancing team collaboration and contributing to our collective success.
Raymond Rogers-MediaNet
Raymond Rogers
Corporate & Installation Technician
Raymond will be working with our business clients who need assistance with AV related meetings and tasks. He will also assist our installation team in carrying out projects while documenting the process for social media and training purposes.
Wafik Saleh
Sales & Client Relations
Wafik will concentrate on new customers and client relationships, fostering long-term growth at MediaNet AV. His role is integral to maintaining our commitment to excellence in customer service.
Sam Tomich
Lighting & Installation Specialist
Josh Beaver
Marketing and Web Manager
Josh drives our marketing initiatives and manages our online presence. His expertise in SEO and content creation helps us engage our audience and grow our brand. Always on top of industry trends, Josh is instrumental in our success.

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