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MediaNet AV specializes in custom Audio, Video, and Lighting (AVL) installations that transform museum and exhibit experiences. We’re dedicated to creating environments that deeply engage and connect visitors with each exhibit.

Engaging Visitors: Our installations offer a range of possibilities to enhance museum exhibits. Examples include setting the right mood with carefully selected background music, using clear video content to effectively communicate the story of your exhibits, and employing strategic lighting to accentuate details and create the desired ambiance. These elements work together to transform each exhibit into a captivating and immersive experience for patrons.

Highlighting Every Detail: Our approach focuses on enhancing the unique characteristics of each exhibit. We ensure that every piece, regardless of its size or significance, is displayed in the best light and sound environment.

Creating Lasting Impressions: We aim to leave a memorable impact on each visitor. By enhancing the sensory experience, we turn every visit into a journey of discovery and wonder.

Delivering Comprehensive Solutions: We equip museums with advanced audio systems, diverse video displays, and flexible lighting setups, ensuring every space is ready for any exhibit, now and in the future. Our approach actively caters to both specific exhibit needs and general patron areas, seamlessly integrating functionality with creative design.

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AVL Integration


Experience the transformative power of AVL integration in your museum space. Our approach seamlessly blends aesthetic form with functional technology, transforming your exhibits into dynamic, engaging environments. With MediaNet AV’s solutions, your museum becomes a hub of immersive experiences and enlightening interactions, captivating visitors from the moment they step in.

Exhibit Lighting

Our dynamic lighting solutions enhance your exhibits' visual appeal. We create setups that highlight each piece's details and beauty, ensuring engaging and visually striking displays.

Learning Environments

We transform learning centers with our audio and video solutions, making education more accessible and enjoyable. Our systems cater to your museum's unique educational needs, enriching the visitor experience.

Architectural and Ambient Lighting

Designed to elevate your museum's aesthetic appeal, our architectural and ambient lighting solutions complement your space's architecture while creating a welcoming environment for visitors.

Audio Solutions for Exhibits

Our custom audio solutions bring exhibits to life. We offer everything from mood-setting background music to immersive audio narratives, enhancing the visual experience.

Video Displays

Engage visitors with our versatile video displays, ideal for showcasing digital art, interactive education, or exhibit storytelling. We ensure clear and effective content delivery for diverse museum needs.

FAQs: Museum AVL Installation

AVL technology transforms exhibits by making them more interactive and immersive. It enhances visitor engagement through dynamic lighting, clear audio narratives, and interactive video displays, creating memorable experiences for every guest.

Custom AVL solutions ensure that each aspect of your museum’s audio, video, and lighting is specifically designed to highlight your exhibits, cater to your space, and align with your museum’s unique theme and atmosphere.

Absolutely. Our AVL installations are versatile and can be adapted for temporary exhibits or integrated into permanent displays, ensuring your museum is equipped for any type of exhibition.

We coordinate closely with your administration to schedule installation at the most convenient times, ensuring minimal disruption to your museum’s daily activities. Our goal is to work efficiently and seamlessly, respecting your operational needs and visitor experience.

We provide comprehensive training for your staff, ensuring they are confident and proficient in using the AVL system. This includes operational training and troubleshooting, empowering your team to fully utilize the new technology.

Yes, we design AVL setups to be flexible and customizable, accommodating a wide range of exhibit types and styles. Whether it’s art, historical artifacts, or interactive displays, our systems are tailored to suit your specific exhibit needs.

After installation, you’ll have access to our ongoing support and maintenance services to ensure your AVL system operates flawlessly. Additionally, we offer comprehensive support packages available on a monthly or yearly basis, tailored to fit your needs. These packages include technical assistance, system updates, and any necessary repairs, providing peace of mind and continuous optimal performance of your AVL setup.

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Serving corporations with distinction, we deliver full-service solutions in professional audio, video, lighting, and streaming design. Our managed services transform technology from mere expenditure to a valuable asset, propelling your business towards growth and efficiency. Let us manage the complexities of tech, empowering you to focus on your core business operations.

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Serving Ohio since 2010, our seasoned team boasts a decade of certified AVL expertise, ensuring top-quality solutions for every project.

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Beyond installation, MediaNet AV promises top-tier support and maintenance, ensuring seamless AVL operations for every client.

Modern Solutions

At the forefront of technological advancements, we consistently adopt the latest equipment, offering clients the very best in the industry.

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