Creating Inspiring Spaces
at NewPointe Community Church
with Innovative AV Installation

About the Project

New Pointe Community Church partnered with MediaNet AV to revolutionize their worship experience by designing and installing a state-of-the-art d&b Audiotechnik Soundscape system, coupled with cutting-edge Shure Axient Digital wireless microphones, in ear monitors, and Dante network infrastructure.

The church, which seats approximately 1,000 in its main Dover, Ohio campus, broadcasts services to five other campuses, making it an influential hub for immersive multisite worship experiences in rural east-central Ohio.

Journey from Complex Issues to Simple Solutions

Obstacle Meets Solution

During the installation at NewPointe Community Church, MediaNet AV faced the challenges of audio interference and complex control systems.

These were successfully overcome through the use of Shure Axient Digital technology and the integration of the Q-SYS platform.

This innovative approach led to clearer audio and a user-friendly control system that any church member could handle, regardless of the operator’s technical expertise.

d&b audiotechnik speaker at NewPointe Church in Dover,Ohio.

Project Highlights

Seeking an immersive worship experience, NewPointe Church installed a cutting-edge d&b Soundscape system designed and tuned by MediaNet AV. This revolutionary solution optimizes spatialization and clarity to fully immerse congregants. Production Director Ben Abbott said, "Soundscape stands out, creating a distinctive worship environment." The customized system reflects NewPointe's commitment to leveraging technology for impactful services.

Accomplished Goals

Bringing it all together

NewPointe Community Church revolutionizes worship experience by partnering with MediaNet AV, leveraging cutting-edge Soundscape system for immersive audio and enhancing spiritual connection.

The Impact

The Transformation

Reimagining Worship Spaces: An Inside Look

"Our goal has always been to create engaging and distraction free environments for people to worship in the presence of God. We believe Soundscape allows us to do this at the very highest level while creating a 'new' experience for the consumer."

Ben Abbott
Director of Production Experience
NewPointeChurch - Ben Abbott

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