Illuminate Your Space With Custom Lighting Systems

Transforming Atmospheres with Tailored Lighting Solutions

We understand that crafting the perfect lighting ambiance can be a complex endeavor.

Lighting Simplified

Our proficient engineers have honed their skills to simplify this intricacy. They’re adept at designing, installing, and optimizing lighting systems that deliver exceptional illumination and atmosphere.

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Superior Lighting Performance

No matter the setting – from corporate conference rooms and church sanctuaries to bustling restaurants, we ensure our lighting systems provide the perfect ambiance for your needs. Trust us to illuminate your space like no other.


User Friendly​

State of the art interfaces simplify things so you're up & running quickly​

Streamlined System​

Reliable connection from all equipment to your tech booth or control center.​

Strategic Illumination

Our lighting systems are designed to provide optimal illumination performance in every unique setting.


Transform your video quality with the perfect lighting. No more dealing with dark, grainy, and underexposed footage. We take care of all the details for you.

Front Stage Lighting

Evenly light your talent on stage to ensure no shadows for your video and live stream

Back Stage Lighting

Back lightring: LED pars & moving fixtures - color changing to create an inviting atmosphere

House Lighting

Fully dimmable and DMX controlled

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