Empowering Worship:
Enhancing Stow Alliance with Advanced Audio, Video, and Lighting Solutions

About the Project

Stow Alliance Church engaged MediaNet AV to modernize their worship center through a systematic upgrade of their Audio, Video, Lighting, and Projection systems. The installation of the d&b audiotechnik system, along with an Allen & Heath mixing console and a Digital Projection laser projector, ensures clarity and precision during worship and preaching sessions.

Situated in Stow, the church’s upgrade underscores a commitment to both functionality and quality. With a focus on flexibility and scalability, the updated systems are designed with a unified control platform, streamlining operations for staff and volunteers. This project exemplifies Stow Alliance Church’s dedication to maintaining contemporary standards in their worship facilities.

Journey from Complex Issues to Simple Solutions

Obstacle Meets Solution

During the installation at Stow Alliance Church, MediaNet AV encountered the challenge of outdated audio equipment, described by church staff as being “put together with bubble gum and paper clips.” The system was on its last legs, barely functioning and in dire need of an upgrade.

MediaNet AV responded by introducing the modern d&b audiotechnik system, Allen & Heath mixing console, and the Digital Projection laser projector. This approach not only rejuvenated the church’s audiovisual capabilities but also ensured a robust system that would serve the church reliably for years to come.

Pastor Chris Laws emphasized the necessity of the upgrade, noting the old system’s precarious state and the church’s anticipation for improvements. With the new system in place, the church now enjoys clear audio and visuals, enhancing the worship experience for all attendees.

Project Highlights

Stow Alliance Church collaborated with MediaNet AV for a pivotal worship center upgrade. The update in Audio, Video, Lighting, and Projection underscores their commitment to precision. Pastor Chris highlighted the importance of clarity in worship. With d&b audiotechnik system, Allen & Heath console, and Digital Projection, they ensure a resonating message for all.

Accomplished Goals

Bringing it all together

Stow Alliance Church, with the expertise of MediaNet AV, has set a new standard in worship experiences. Their dedication to offering a clear and precise worship environment ensures that their congregation remains engaged and spiritually connected.

The Impact

The Transformation

Reimagining Worship Spaces: An Inside Look

You won’t find another company who will give you as much value for your dollar as MediaNet AV.

Chris Laws
Lead Pastor

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