Embracing Technology for Faith:
Canton Nazarene Church
Upgrades to Superior Sound and Video

About the Project

Canton Nazarene Church partnered with Media Net AV to design and install an upgraded PA system, digital laser center projections, Q-SYS control for audio, video, power sequencing, and advanced systems control, new back stage and front of house equipment, recessed floor pocket infrastructure, enhanced acoustics, and two new cameras in its worship center.

Journey from Complex Issues to Simple Solutions

Obstacle Meets Solution

During the eight-month remodeling of the Canton Nazarene Church’s 30-year-old sanctuary, MediaNet AV ensured services continued without interruption. As the congregation relocated to the gym, MediaNet AV successfully moved the existing old PA system, video control booth, and old projection from the sanctuary to this temporary location.

Budget constraints posed the primary challenge for the sanctuary’s projection system upgrade. While the original plan was to install an LED wall, it was beyond the church’s budget. However, MediaNet AV offered a cost-effective solution in the form of a 37,000 Lumen Digital 4k Laser projector. Furthermore, we implemented an AJA router controlled in Q-sys, allowing for flexible signal routing across the premises. This project epitomizes MediaNet AV’s commitment to delivering practical, customized solutions that accommodate our clients’ budget and needs.

Canton Nazarene Church soundboard & stage.

Project Highlights

MediaNet AV's work at Canton Nazarene Church marks a significant advancement in their AV setup.

Accomplished Goals

Bringing it all together

Through detailed technical planning, we've integrated multiple AV components into a cohesive system. The result is an advanced yet user-friendly platform, enabling Canton Nazarene Church to conduct and broadcast services with optimal audio-visual quality and efficiency.

The Impact

The Transformation

Reimagining Worship Spaces: An Inside Look

Our team chose MediaNet AV because they were competent, local, and made a commitment to training. We had one significant issue arise regarding acoustic panels. They owned it and fixed it even though their profit was reduced. This proved to me their high standard for customer satisfaction. They also completed the scope or work under budget with no change orders showing their bidding system was accurate. Thanks MediaNet AV for delivering!

Dan Hanson
Lead Pastor

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