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At MediaNet AV’s AVL HUB, our goal is to provide clarity and understanding in professional audio. We aim to offer knowledge and tools that enhance sound quality and the overall audio experience.

If you’re a sound enthusiast or someone looking to enhance your audio experiences, then AVL HUB is the perfect initiative for you. MediaNet AV, a leading provider of audiovisual solutions, has dedicated itself to elevating the audio experience through this unique platform. Whether you’re an audio professional or just someone who appreciates high-quality sound, AVL HUB offers a wealth of information and resources to help you achieve superior audio. 

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What to Expect

Discover high-quality audio with JC Bittence from DPA Microphones. Understand the importance of microphone quality and its impact on your audio experience.

From dynamic mics to condenser mics, this hands-on experience will help you understand which microphone best suits your needs.


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AVL HUB offers attendees various exciting giveaways, including swag bags and a chance to win a high-end microphone. Participants are encouraged to invite friends and colleagues to the event, enhancing networking and collaborative opportunities within the audio community.

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