Develop Your Ministry Through Professional Production Tools

Provide a seamless and interactive production to your congregation & allow members to view the sermon anytime, anywhere.

Service for all!

Different people have different responsibilities in their daily life. Some may not be able to leave the house and attend services, that’s when MediaNetAV helps churches allow members and the congregation to watch the service in real time. It also lets them see it later on.

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Church 2

Record all you want!

Recording your service gives you the chance to edit it out. You can either use it for your website or just simply hand out copies to all your members through CD or Flash Drives allowing them to catch up in case they missed one service.

Better interaction and participation

MediaNetAV helps you have a more interactive experience for the congregation by showing them content like lyrics, verses and inspiring passages during the service.

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Church 4

Synced Viewing

MediaNetAV has products that lets you have live outputs for viewers in adjoining halls that includes both live on-stage speakers and projected video that members in the main sanctuary are seeing.

Change the way you think about video production!