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A Commitment to Elevating Higher Education Environments

Integrating Technology with Academic Design: Shaping Intelligent Learning Spaces

Outstanding educational spaces are more than just visually appealing; they represent the convergence of form, function, and innovation. At MediaNet AV, we specialize in integrating state-of-the-art audio, video, and lighting (AVL) solutions that enhance and complement the educational environments of colleges and universities.

We understand that each institution has its narrative, and our mission is to amplify it. From interactive classrooms that foster engagement to lecture halls designed for clarity and presence, our AVL solutions are customized to meet the diverse needs of higher education.

Attention to detail is paramount in educational spaces — where the clarity of sound, the quality of light, and the sharpness of video can profoundly impact learning. Our experts meticulously consider the acoustics, visual requirements, and lighting design to ensure our systems are not merely additions but foundational elements of your academic setting.

We’re dedicated to empowering faculty and captivating students, which is why we extend comprehensive training and robust support after installation. Our goal is to ensure that the full potential of our AVL systems is realized, enriching the learning experience and supporting the educational mission.

Choosing MediaNet AV is more than a decision to upgrade technology; it’s a partnership that respects the heritage of academia and strives for its future. Let’s collaborate to craft educational spaces that are not just functional but are also intellectually and aesthetically stimulating — places that inspire both educators and students alike.

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AVL Integration

Academic Offices

Empower academic staff with integrated AVL systems. Enhance administrative efficiency and faculty collaboration, transforming university workspaces into models of productivity and innovation.


Tech-rich classrooms for immersive learning.

Lecture Hall

Crystal-clear sound and visuals for lectures.


Adaptable setups for varied academic events.

Performing Arts Spaces

Delivering superior auditory and visual environments with cutting-edge AVL design.

Athletics Facilities & Gymnasiums

Energizing sound and video for sports venues.

FAQs: Advanced AV Solutions for Modern Boardrooms

MediaNet AV provides a comprehensive networked solution that eliminates the need for separate amplifiers and complex wiring. Our solutions come equipped with cutting-edge PoE loudspeakers and microphones, simplifying installation and ensuring optimal performance.

We prioritize seamless communication. Our advanced synchronization technology ensures onboard controls, LED indicators, and other peripherals harmonize with your chosen UC platforms, leading to more efficient and productive meetings.

Absolutely! Whether you have a preferred communication platform or you value the flexibility of BYOM (Bring Your Own Meeting), our systems are adaptable. A simple USB connection to our core processors readies your boardroom for hybrid meetings, sharing both audio and visual feeds with ease.

MediaNet AV allows for the integration of multiple cameras in your space. Our system intelligently manages these cameras, delivering a singular, streamlined video feed to your desired platform, ensuring a fair experience for all participants.

We firmly believe that technology should bolster collaboration, not obstruct it. Our control platform is not only intuitive but also customizable, designed specifically to align with how your team operates within the space.

Say goodbye to intricate HDMI setups. Our solution facilitates the easy transport of HDMI video and audio throughout the room to different displays and projectors. There’s no need for extra hardware or convoluted programming.

Our real-time monitoring tools are designed to keep your meetings on track. MediaNet AV’s management system offers instantaneous status updates and event logs. This proactive approach means potential issues are spotted early. Furthermore, our remote user interface control enables you to provide assistance or troubleshoot issues from any location, minimizing possible interruptions.

Maximizing Your Tech Investments

Seamless IT Implementation

Serving corporations with distinction, we deliver full-service solutions in professional audio, video, lighting, and streaming design. Our managed services transform technology from mere expenditure to a valuable asset, propelling your business towards growth and efficiency. Let us manage the complexities of tech, empowering you to focus on your core business operations.

Empowering Hi-Tech Connections

Why Choose MediaNet AV?

Unparalleled Expertise in AVL

Serving Ohio since 2010, our seasoned team boasts a decade of certified AVL expertise, ensuring top-quality solutions for every project.

Dedicated Support

Beyond installation, MediaNet AV promises top-tier support and maintenance, ensuring seamless AVL operations for every client.

Modern Solutions

At the forefront of technological advancements, we consistently adopt the latest equipment, offering clients the very best in the industry.

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